The last cast...

Check out the movie "Fluefiskedrömme i Lappland".
The well known writer Steen Larsen from Denmark, produced this movie during 2009.
The movie is about fishing i Swedish Lapland, and Steen visits three diffrent locaitions.
One of the locaitions is Kengis Bruk by the mighty Torne River, during 1½ day we caught 10 salmon between 4 and 9,5 kg. Check out a short version of the movie here.
In 2010 we continue the movie project in the Lainio River.

Tight lines!


15th of March 2010.
Here's a few pictures from the 2009's season.

My dad, Karsten is into a good 16 pounder at zone 1 in Kengis.

18th of March 2009.
My new blogg on FiskeJournalens homepage is now up and running. Have a look.
The blogg.
A little movie from up north.

16th of March 2009.
Well there isn't much fishing going on at the moment, but there is other things to do...

29th of November 2008.
The fishing has has come to an end, since the winter is here. 30-40cm of snow and -13 minus...
Now the flytying season starts, filling the flyboxes for next years season.

2th of September 2008.
It has been a while since the last update, but there is better things to do in the summer time than sitting infront of the computer...
The season was great this year! More salmon in the rivers, so I have been carrying a smile from ear to ear all summer!
Thanks to all of you who I have had the plesure of fishing with during the summer.
Here's a little something, something...

- 86 cm. 6,2kg.

- 92 cm. 7,8 kg.

- Kristian Stridsman 5,6 kg.

- 103 cm. 10+ kg.

- 87 cm. 7,2 kg.

- Jesper Larsson 88 cm. 7+ kg.

- 87cm. 7 kg.

- 106 cm. 12+ kg. On a 11,6' #6 rod...

Some other catches during the summer 2008.

- Kristian Stridsman with a 47 cm. grayling.

- 2 Kg. dryfly trout.

- I wonder what the fish is eating?... Guess how many millions?

- Kristian Stridsman with a 2 kg. trout.

8th of Febuary 2008.
I have had the plesure working with the fishing guide students at Tornedalens FHSK, for the last week.
We have looked at fly casting, different rods and lines, a bit of fly tying and "floating".
Here they are; Rickard, Kalle and Mangnus.

28th of January 2008.
Life is tuff when you can't fish...
Lynx Rave 600sdi.

20th of January 2008.
Hope you all got a good start in the year 2008.
This is how it looks like up here during the cold winter..

22th of November 2007.
Here is my private christmas deccoration...

21th of November 2007.
Finally a game fair in Norrland, hope to see you all there. 
For more information go to

23th of September 2007.
Back on track, at river Tweed. Yet again I am working on river Tweed, fishing is all right, but we need a bit more water.
But even when the fishing is poor the guinness taste great!
Here is a few pictures from Scotland, enjoy.

17th of June 2007.
Kristian Stridsman and I was salmon fishing yesterday in Lainio river north of Kangos. Kristian landed a nice fresh salmon the 14th of June, so we were hopeing to catch another one. It took a few hours but finally, I heard Kristian screaming "salmon"! After a short but intensive fight we could land this beautiful Lainio salmon. This is what we dream of all winter!.. Enjoy, 8,9kg.

5th of June 2007.
I had the great pleasur of teaching a bunch of boys from Erkheikki school ,a bit about fly fishing, fly casting and friendship by the river side. Thanks for some nice days boys. Tack till er alla, det har varit jätte kul att få hjälpa er med flugfisket.
Here is the boys.                                                            



21th of May 2007.
Back from Bosnia...
What can I say? This is a very lovely place to fish, and the service is outstanding. Thanks to the Passport fly fishing crew.
During the weekend the EFFA also got a new Swedish fly casting instructor, Patrik Wettergren from Sameo.
I met alot of kind and helpful people during my stay. Thanks Sasa, Milan and Jan from passport fly fishing. Ivan, thank you for the flies. Here is some pictures...



11th of May 2007.
Take a look at this... 
Here is some pictures from the river Tweed, autum 2006.
Looking forward to go back there in September.
     -Doc is into one at the upper Temple.       -Callum return doc's 10 pounder.            -Another 8 pounder from the Temple.
     -A boatman at work...                              -Robert rowing at the Jeffreys.               -Scotland is lovely.

6th of May 2007.
Just got a mail from the king of pike fly fishing Anders Hägglund, telling me about some awsome pike fishing during the weekend,
but I could'nt be there..
Any way here's a little reminder of how it's gonna be the whole summer.
Pictures by Anders Hägglund.


29th of April 2007. 
First fishing trip of the year. Hard conditions.. Cold water, few fish around and a very hard wind.
But still a very nice way to spend the sunday. I did'nt catch any seatrout today, but I might try again tomorrow.

28th of April 2007.
Hello everybody, sorry about the half done webpage.
Hopefully I will be done befor we enter May.
Tight lines in 2007.






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