If you are intrested in different types of guided fishing or casting courses, we will do you well in Swedish Lapland! We offer both single- and double hand casting courses, for both beginners and trained flyfishermen. We also do exclusive fishing schools after salmon, trout, grayling and pike.

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Exclusive fishing in

Torne- & Lainio River

Exclusive salmon fishing

2,8 km. In Torne River by Kengis Bruk

9,5 km. In Lainio River by Onka/Zone 2

Our waters a perfect for fly fishing, where there is everything from fast rapids to calm deep pools. So you always have places to fish no matter the water level. If your a beginner or just wanna try something new, we also offer fly fishing from traditional river boats. This is a superb way to maximise the fishing and give the fishing another dimention! If you come in bigger grups we got a bigger white water rafting boat that can be used.

And no matter what you choose, there is a chance you might hook the salmon of a lifetime!

Please contact us for more info and prices.


Adventures and expirences of a lifetime!

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